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charcoal briquettes
Our briquettes are as natural as it gets.  

Made with only hardwood charcoal and a plant based binding agent. 

* No chemicals

* No additives

* No limestone

* No coal

   Briquettes have air flow ridges for easier lighting and reaching searing and grilling temperatures faster.
burning charcoal briquettes
The advantages of briquettes over lump charcoal are:

1.- Consistency.   Briquettes have uniform density, composition and size, so, you can expect pretty much the same temperatures and timing from one bag to another.   As opposed to lump charcoal which can have signifficant density and size variations from one bag to another.

2.- Less charcoal dust (or very small pieces).  Briquettes are very hard and are less likely to break during storage and transportation than lump charcoal.  Most bags of lump charcoal will have some very small pieces and even some dust.  Briquette bags usually have less of that.

3.- More pounds in a smaller bag.  As briquettes have higher density than lump charcoal, you get more pounds per unit of volume (or smaller bags).

4.- In most cases, less sparks than lump charcoal.  Lump charcoal sometimes gives off sparks.  Briquettes are less likely to do that.

5.- Easier to use with chimney starters.  Due to their uniform size and adequate shape, they are easier to pour into a chimney starter.


briquettes on weber grill
Available for private label.
We can make briquette bags any size from 5 to 20 pounds.
oak mesquite briquets